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10 Years: House Of Hustle

It all started with a vision that turned into a house. A house where we celebrate the creative hustle. Thanks for being part of our journey because a decade of us means a decade of you. For our 10th anniversary, we have curated a special collection of tracks that celebrate our love for house music. Join us in commemorating a decade of House Of Hustle with this exclusive compilation. The 10 year anniversary release drops on the 2nd of August and features music from Kapowsky, Doctor Jack, Holt 88, 96 Vibe, Latour, E.D.E.R, Mike McFly, Dirty Rituals, Wolfire, L.O.O.P, FOOLiE, Cole Vassallo, Matty Ladd, Screechy, Abyssus, Low Voltage, Sam Shelby, Flo.Von, BrunoArj, Lucas Tinti, Damn Square, Housekeedz, Ricart Maria, Mr. X-Ray, and Seek-One.


House Of Hustle 2.0

We're expanding on the solid foundation we've built over the last decade. With a brand new art direction, merchandise, producer tools and services, along with the new Dimes samplers, collectively we are bringing more shine onto our artists and celebrates creativity from a wide variety of disciplines. The commitment to push out steady dancefloor heaters remain, we’re just putting it in a package that celebrates bold ideas and storytelling.

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