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Creative Tools for Ableton Live [Ableton Racks]

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We’ve created fourteen racks for you Ableton Live wizards, to speed up your creative process and simplify standard techniques that will save you a bunch of time, allowing you to watch more Curb Your Enthusiasm instead of endlessly creating new effect chains in the hopes of stumbling onto something cool.
Tried and tested by artists who have released on our label, we’re confident in stating these racks will quickly become a part of your everyday workflow. Creative Tools is a set of Ableton Racks that should easily spark ideas and get the creative juices flowing.
Builder-Upper, Break Pitcher, Dub Echo, Into Nothingand Broken Sampler help you do creative things with your arrangement and spice up leads, drumlines and effects, whilst Bass Designer, Drum Doctor, Kick Doctor, Lead Doctor, Machine Drums, and Warehouse Drums help you shape your sounds to a tee.
The third set of racks are made to save you time. Channel Strip, Crunchy Master Chain and Master Filter XL, help you with repetitive tasks. With all these racks our advice would be - give them a spin and we promise they’ll stick. For the price of two pints, you get fourteen workflow-changing devices that should save you a bunch of time! Give it a go!
Note: these racks work with Ableton Live 10.1 and up.
All racks are produced by Mike McFly.