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The Swag Pack by Holt 88

The Swag Pack by Holt 88

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After the success of our first official sample library by Holt 88, released earlier this year, we are back with the all-new Swag Pack. The Swag Pack by Holt 88 brings plenty of groove and vibes from this talented producer from Brazil. And yes, you guessed it, this pack will bring some quality SWAG to your music productions. Holt 88's playful production style and bass-bending abilities have earned him releases on labels such as Dirtybird, and we have featured several from him over the years on House Of Hustle. 

Like Holt 88's first sample pack, the Swag Pack features a curated groove and music selection. You will find all the elements necessary to craft your track from scratch. Every sample in this collection boasts superior quality and has been meticulously designed to blend seamlessly into your mix, providing that professional edge required to elevate your music.

Whether you're a seasoned producer or a budding enthusiast, this sample pack caters to all. Download today and craft those electrifying dance hits drenched with SWAG! Dive into the rhythm with the Swag Pack by Holt 88!

The Swag Pack by Holt 88 pack includes:

  • 20 Drum Loops
  • 11 Perc Loops
  • 26 Top Loops
  • 27 Bass Loops
  • 18 Synth Loops
  • 10 Vocal Loops
  • 20 Effects
  • 25 Kicks
  • 25 Claps
  • 24 Hats
  • 10 Drum Fills
  • 31 Bass Hits
  • 25 Synth Hits
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Customer Reviews

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Victor Schmitz

the best pack i've ever bought