XFDS - Circulate Remix Contest

We decided to launch a new remix competition where you can remix our recent release 'Circulate' by Chicago based producer XFDS, which dropped in January. We were completely sold when we heard this track last year. So much so, we even asked XFDS if he would be up for creating a sample pack for us, and boy did he deliver a stellar one, House Headz. Just like we did last year with Holt 88, we thought, what if we combine these two? Is that a setup to create a top-notch house track, or what? We certainly think it is, and we are excited to hear your submissions. Check the release here in case you missed it!

How To Enter The Competition

  1. Head to our website and enter your details to download the stems for the track.
  2. Once you have signed up, you will receive a unique discount code to grab the sample pack with a 20% discount. (This discount will last until the submission date.) 
  3. Get productive with the stems from the track(s), and try to use at least one sound or loop from the sample pack. We'd love to hear what you can do with these building blocks. We're sure you'll knock it out of the park. 
  4. You have until May 20th to submit your remix(es) via the form at the bottom of this page. Please use the same email in your submissions as when purchasing the sample pack.

Prizes for the Winners

A total of 3 lucky winners will be chosen by our team and XFDS himself to be featured on the official remix release. The overall winning track will be featured first in the track order, followed by second and third.

Apart from each winner being featured on the remix release, the first prize gets to work with us on a two-track official release (EP or a single for a Dimes). The lucky 1st prize winner will receive a copy of our Groove Essential bundle, and a £100 gift voucher that can be used in our store.

The second prize gets a copy of our Groove Essential bundle, and a £50 gift voucher that can be used in our store.

The third prize is a House Of Hustle T-shirt, and a £25 gift voucher that can be used in our store.

House Headz by XFDS Demo



XFDS (crossfades) is a Chicago-based DJ and producer. Living in a city known for its vibrant house music scene, XFDS is influenced by all things house.

With productions showcasing a variety of house sub-genres, XFDS is not limited to one. XFDS aims for versatility in his music by creating tracks that will cater to various audiences while remaining under the umbrella of house music.

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