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New Episodes In Our House Of Hustle Producer Series

In 2021 we launched our new 'Producer Series' which features track breakdowns related to our releases on House Of Hustle. So far we have featured Contribe with his tune 'Gravity High', along with 96 Vibe's remix of 'Gravity High', showcasing their approach and techniques producing these two tech-house tunes. Our long time friend of the label, Australian DJ and producer Latour shared a great track breakdown of his tune 'In The Party'

We enjoyed a real treat from ZOF who gave us an in-depth breakdown of her track 'Cupcake'. Mike McFly provided us with a pretty special track breakdown and creative ideas session related to both his track 'Merecida' and also his West Coast House Volume 1 sample pack that you can purchase in our store.

In the latest episode, we have Ekoboy doing a track breakdown of 'Show Me' that we released back in January. If you are into the analog and modular gear then you really wanna check this one out, Vangelis goes right into how the magic is made.

If you are looking for in-depth tutorial-style tech-house track breakdowns, then we highly suggest you check out our House Of Hustle Producer Series that is available on Youtube.

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