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House Of Hustle presents VA - Dimes Vol.1

Rather than tying our compilations to events, we've flipped the script to better service our fans and the artists we work with. We came up with the concept of doing track "drops" for instead of over saturating the market with yet another ADE compilation.

"Dimes" will replace our old compilations, where our artists always ran the risk of getting snowed under by each other by the sheer number of tracks. It was one of the major things that was bugging us about this format.

Artists spend a tremendous amount of time and effort to create something that stomps on the dancefloor, only to share the spotlight with 17 other producers. That didn't sit right with us anymore.

So, we've gone for a more organic approach: once we have four perfect tens, we plan our next Dimes drop. Get it? A dime is a ten? We only do perfect tens? *Rimshot* All jokes aside, our upcoming sampler is a great example of this, Dimes Vol.1 is stacked with quirky Tech House goodies, provided to you by Benjamin Barth, OBAYASHI, Andy Roo & Dialectics and Liam Davies. Four perfect tens, no fillers. We all benefit. "Dimes" makes perfect sense to us.

Got a track you think would do great on one of our drops? Feel free to send us demos to

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