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House Of Hustle An Important Label Update

As you might have noticed we are shaking things up here at House Of Hustle. We spiced up our branding, we are rolling out our studio services, production tools and we've also refreshed our merchandise line-up to mention a few things.
Our organization is growing and with that, the roles within the label are evolving a bit. Our long-time head honcho and label owner Patrik will take a role a bit further behind the curtains to focus on our long-term strategy, and he'll be an important force behind our foray into new ventures, marketing and overall creative direction.
Taking over duties as label manager, we officially bring onboard House Of Hustle-alumnus Mike McFly, who previously was the CEO in charge of making coffee. Going forward, he will shape the musical and creative vision of the label. Mike will also help develop our upcoming suite of production tools. Good luck with that buddy. By the way, a lot of the changes you've seen over the last six months, have been the result of the collaboration between Patrik and Mike.
We also want to officially welcome Marco (who has released with us as Garruk) as this Vespa-riding, pasta-wielding Italian man-stud will be spearheading our streaming efforts and assist us in the A&R department.
And so, you are now officially in the loop Hustlers.
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