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House Of Hustle 2.0 / Contribe - Gravity High

Something fresh is cooking. House Of Hustle 2.0 is here and we are excited to kick things off by premiering this brand new artwork by one of our in-house graphic artists. The commitment to push out steady dancefloor heaters and our dedication to helping talented artists rise through the ranks remain, we’re just putting it in a package that celebrates bold ideas and storytelling (more on this later).
With a brand new art direction that is inspired by our love for comics, a reimagined and vibrant merchandising line and a new framework for our compilations, we say goodbye to our old ways, and welcome our new format, which ensures more shine for our artists and celebrates creativity from a wide variety of disciplines.
In the upcoming weeks/months we’ll be rolling out new merch, exclusive video breakdowns of tracks signed to our label, alongside bangers by Ekoboy, Foolie, 96 Vibe, Contribe and Mike McFly. Welcome to the new House Of Hustle, let’s push this thing into the stratosphere!
First out the door of this new phase, we have Contribe with 'Gravity High', a track that is all about vibes. What's more, this track shows that putting the groove front and centre is always a good idea, and a bit of constraint allows for the track to breathe. And breathe it does. Daniel's trademark zany one-off synth elements remain, but it's all in service to that thick, featherlight groove. And we for one love it.

Welcome aboard, Contribe!
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