Enjoy our new sample pack Groove Tools by Low Voltage

Enjoy our new sample pack Groove Tools by Low Voltage

We have yet another talented Brazilian producer providing us with a pure banger of a sample pack, Groove Tools, by Low Voltage. As the name suggests, this pack is stacked with rhythm and bass loops to create grooves for your next club-ready house and tech tracks.

The curated drum loops in this pack will get you going with a groovy foundation. They feature the playful vibe we have come to love from many of our Brazilian producer friends. The drums have a chunky modern sound and are neatly organized from the full drum loop down to the stripped variants, such as the perc and top loops. You will also enjoy 79 single drum hits, allowing you to mix and match for all-new possibilities.

Choose from 20 groovy basslines featuring the characteristics of saturated squares, fat subs, and syncopated, lively low-enders. Complete the groove with crisp stabs and plucks, evolving rhythms, and melodic goodie elements. All bass and synth loops come with dry and wet settings, allowing you full creative freedom. MIDI is also provided for all of the bass and synth loops.

Last but not least, there’s a selection of cool effects, including quirky hits, risers, sweeps, and rhythmic goodness. Groove Tools by Low Voltage should be your ultimate companion to creating your next club banger!

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