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Ekoboy's 'Show Me' Single Is Out On House Of Hustle

When we got the chance to sign this track from heavyweight Ekoboy, boy did we jump on this opportunity fast. The experienced producer, who went by Vangelis Kostonexakis in a previous life, has been a busy boy last year, releasing tracks with labels such as Box Of Cats, Dirtybird, and Superfett Records, just to name a few.

We truly think we've nabbed the best track of his 2021 production cycle and we are delighted to share it with you. 'Show Me' boasts big, ravy, analog leads that truly propel this beat forward. The energy level on this one truly is a 10 out of 10.

'Show Me' marks a perfect point between, an effective, Tech House banger and a heavy, leftfield slugger. This one instantly made our shoulders wobble, which for us, is a clear-cut sign it's a perfect House Of Hustle record. Enjoy!
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