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Caique Carvalho, Wildsuad - Call On Me (incl. GIANT Remix)

Oh boy, oh boy, we have been sitting on this big old bomb for a while. We were waiting for the right moment to release it and just ahead of summer - seems like an appropriate time to introduce you to this phatty by Caique Carvalho and Wildsuad.

'Call On Me', doesn't feature a sample by Steve Winwood, but it does feature a whole lot of quirky swag. Let's push those words together and call it: quag. That's what this track has, a lot of quag. In all seriousness: this one is truly epic.

Caique and Suad did a great job tying together a myriad of sounds. From raunchy synths, to jumpy, LFOey lasers and interesting soundscapes created with the vocals, this track has it all. The South American gentlemen usher a groovy beat-bassline combo into an epic break that immediately made us jump on this track.

On remix-duties we have Italian gentleman GIANT who might be able to break down dancefloors even more with his straight-to-the-point, high energy interpretation of this slapper. We're not sure which one we love more.

A ten outta ten package if we ever saw one. We're sincerely happy to be able to put our stamp of approval on this one.

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