Brazilian duo Since08 drops their Advice EP

Brazilian duo Since08 drops their Advice EP

We pride ourselves on being the launchpad for many high-quality underground artists, and we hope this will be the same case for the artists we're introducing now. Since08 are relative newcomers to the game. We immediately recognized the quality when we heard these tracks at HOH HQ.

'7teen' and 'Take Ma Advice' have a drivey energy, immediately making us jump on this. Both tracks are ready to be thrown into any peak-time situation and set the dancefloor ablaze. Vitor and Tutui both started in rock bands. but began leaning more and more into house music production a few years ago.

Since then, they have shared the stage with big Brazilian powerhouses such as Mochakk and Scavazza, indicating they are on the right trajectory. We're happy to add our love stamp to their music, hopefully pushing them into the stratosphere.

Stream and Download Since08 - Advice EP

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