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Screechy's My Groove Tee

Screechy's My Groove Tee

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Screechy is an 18-year-old producer and DJ from Kharkiv in Ukraine. A few weeks ago, we went through many demos on a Sunday evening, and while we appreciate every submission we get, not all of them are home runs. This Sunday was something special, however. We ended up signing five or six solid records, and then, just before calling it a day, we received an email from Ukraine.

We took a look at a record named 'Groove' by this guy Screechy. Within the first two bars, we were sold on it. We got a hold of this guy within the first two minutes after hearing the record. We loved the creativity behind this record and knew we wanted to push this for him, and we offered him a place on one of our Dimes samplers.

Then the war broke out.

We knew we had to do something. And Ilya, being the unbelievable bad-ass he is, kept creating even though his country was and continues to be at war. He sent us the b-side: 'Ah Yeah' from his shelter. Insane. We knew we had to put the record out right away to do something for him. All of the profits from his release will be given to Ilya, and to continue our support so will the profits from this T-Shirt.
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